Versus Systems Launches Real Time Rewards Promotion Service

While most major gaming platforms such as Steam and GOG provide digital medals and cards to display, eSports-focused companies like Versus Systems Inc.  are looking for ways to monetize gamer achievements. 

In addition to the company’s current in-game rewards platforms, today Versus announced the official launch of the #VersusXP promotional technology to new clients. 

The promotion service actually saw its first campaign go live last weekend when the #FortniteBlackout hashtag began trending as popular battle royale title Fortnite shut down for two days in preparation for its re-launch as the Chapter 2 edition. 

Using the #VersusXP system, the company launched a standalone campaign separate from Fortnite developer Epic Games that saw players opening the game through the HP Omen Command Center software.  

After keeping the game running through the Command Center, those players were automatically entered into a sweepstakes for real world prizes. 

Discussing the potential for the promo platform to be utilized towards major trending topics in a very short amount of time, Head of Accounts and Product Integration Christian Miranda commented: 

We live in a real-time society, where the next big thing can launch on social media and reach millions worldwide in minutes. PR teams need tools to leverage these global trends quickly. A traditional sweepstakes can take months to set up – but with Versus’ technology we are able to launch these campaigns in a matter of hours.

Versus originally teamed up with hardware manufacturer HP to offer rewards through the OMEN Command Center platform back in August. 

Packaged directly with OMEN-branded gaming laptops, the software can also be downloaded on any Windows machine. Aside from monitoring CPU temperature and other gaming performance metrics, the program now includes the option to track time played with any given game.  

Developers who have partnered with Versus then offer a variety of rewards for players as they hit milestones, from overall time playing to earning various in-game achievements. 

Iconic MOBA title League Of Legends – a staple of the international eSports community and inspiration for major titles like Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch – is now on the roster of participating games, as developer Riot Games offers real world prizes for joining in-game events. 

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