Versus Updates Prize System With 50 State Regulatory Compliance

In-game promotions company Versus Systems, Inc. today announced new regulatory changes to the Dynamic Regulatory Compliance engine. 

With regulations for all 50 states now included in that platform, clients who team up with Versus can offer prize rewards to gamers across the entire U.S. 

Under the company’s current platform, either developers who make the games or publishers who release them offer physical and digital prizes that gamers compete for by completing in-game events. 

Increasing prize regulatory compliance to all 50 states is a first stepping stone in the company’s goal of utilizing the platform globally for a wider range of games. Versus Chief Executive Officer Matthew Pierce commented on the milestone: 

[ Navigating the legal and regulatory aspects of rewards and prizing is a pain point for both content creators and brands. Versus Systems’ prizing platform has always focused on global, regional, and local compliance at every step – and now Versus can place prizes in all 50 states, using the same technology that will soon expand into Europe and Asia – allowing our partners to expand their prizing campaigns, connecting with more players.

Earlier this month Versus teamed up with PC developer HP and game subscription service Utomik for a new prize giveaway 

Through that partnership, gamers who earn rewards on various Versus platforms are entered into a contest to win a 3-month subscription to Utomik, which includes more than 1,000 game titles available to play during the course of the subscription. 

Aside from the standard Versus platforms, that collaboration also notably includes the HP OMEN Command Center software as HP seeks to gain a greater foothold in the gaming laptop and eSports markets. 

In other Versus news, the company also just launched the #VersusXP program aimed at taking advantage of trending social media content in real time to promote both specific video games and in-game prize promotions. 

The program launched during the two day #FortniteBlackout event earlier this month when popular battle royale title Fortnite was briefly taken offline to prepare for a re-launch. Players who took part in the campaign and opened the game while using the OMEN Command Center were automatically entered into a rewards sweepstakes. 

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