The Value for Investors at the Benzinga Cannabis Conference

We’ve witnessed the power of the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference first hand in Toronto this past spring and we’re excited to be there again in Chicago on Oct. 22-23.

We like this conference because it gives investors an opportunity to hear and interact with top cannabis executives and experts first hand. That’s invaluable access for any cannabis investor and if you’re interested in attending you can get even more value with a 50% discount on attending the conference. Just use the promo code CAPITAL10X to purchase your tickets over on Benzinga.

Here are the people and talks we are most interested in at the conference and why.

Kim Rivers from Trulieve

When last we spoke with Rivers it was just the beginning of the U.S. multi-state-operator (MSO) boom and we came away impressed. A lot has changed in the past few months especially with the progression of the STATES act and given Trulieve’s continuation of profitability as a vertically integrated operator. We are interested to hear what may come next. Not only will Rivers be participating in a panel on MSO’s alongside other top-tier operators like iAnthus, she will also be speaking at their company presentation and we’ll be lucky enough to have some one-on-one time with her for an interview.

The Listing on the NASDAQ Panel

With only a select few large-cap Canadian cannabis producers able to list on U.S. markets due to federal laws, we’re very interested to hear what other opportunities there are for cannabis companies hoping to access liquidity in the U.S. At this panel, Jessica Billinglsey CEO of Akerna, the first cannabis compliance technology company to be traded on Nasdaq, will join Jay Heller, Head of Capital Markets at NASDAQ. We hope to hear more, not only about the opportunities for companies who service the cannabis markets in ancillary ways, but also about the overall process and options for cannabis companies to IPO and/or list on U.S. markets.

Peter Miller and Billy Levy from SLANG

The co-founders of SLANG Worldwide are experienced entrepreneurs having previously led several startups in both cannabis and tech with successful exits through acquisition. We’re interested to hear from these two on SLANG, a company focused on cannabis consumer packaged goods, because we’ve heard plenty of chatter about the company but honestly don’t know a lot about the business. As part of a panel on Brand Distribution and a dedicated company presentation we hope to learn more.

And if those speakers aren’t getting you excited then you may be interested to hear from Bruce Linton, ex Canopy CEO and promoter extraordinaire. He’s here to talk about his latest venture, Gage Cannabis, but who knows what kind of t-shirt he’ll wear.

Don’t forget if you’re thinking of attending you can get 50% off the ticket price using the promo code CAPITAL10X at Benzinga.  Hope to see you there!

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