UMG Media Kicks Off Gears 5 Launch Broadcast Event

In celebration of the one of the biggest Xbox One releases of the year, online tournament gaming platform UMG Media Ltd. is holding a two day long launch party. 

UMG Media just kicked off a massive live broadcast event for the official release of Gears 5, which is out on Sept. 6  on Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. 

Featuring a variety of eSports pro players streaming matches from the UMG offices, the launch event is held in conjunction with Scuf Gaming, VIPbets, and G Fuel. 

UMG also recently announced a partnership with the latter company to provide a discount to gamers for the newly-launched strawberry banana energy drink. That coupon code continues to work throughout the Gears 5 launch festivities. 

For the duration of the event, Twitch / YouTube streamers and seasoned eSports players will seek to hit the highest possible leaderboard level in-game before 48 hours have passed.

Commenting on the new tournament offerings for players this weekend, UMG Chief Executive Officer Dave Antony had this to say: 

This is just another example of our commitment to growing the UMG player base and expanding the Gears of War competitive scene. The Gears 5 launch event will provide yet another opportunity for UMG to capitalize on its ability to broadcast and distribute unique content to its engaged users.

Although the game features an extensive single player or co-op campaign, the Gears series is well known for its wildly popular online Horde mode, in addition to other multiplayer modes played competitively. 

Breaking with tradition and using the streamlined moniker Gears 5, this latest iteration of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series follows previous entry Gears Of War 4, which launched in October of 2016 and saw a change both on the development team and with the characters featured in the main storyline. 

That previous entry was also notable for seeing the removal of Xbox achievements for executing a developer in an online match, which had been a staple in past games as employees took part in online events. 

In another series first, Gears 5 is currently available to play immediately for any Xbox Game Pass Ultimate holders in tandem with Microsoft’s ongoing “2 months for $2” promotion. 

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