Trulieve Expands Its TruVet Program With A New Partner

Trulieve (CNSX: TRUL) today announced a new partnership with Heavendropt, an organization that employs people with disabilities, especially veterans. Heavendropt reassembles used military parachutes and offers employment opportunities in manufacturing, assembly, and distribution at its production facility.

This partnership builds on Trulieve’s recently launched TruVet Program where it seeks to inform and educate veterans as prospective clients on the benefits and applications of medical cannabis, while connecting them with local cannabis prescribing physicians.

The TruVet Program already consists of other prominent partners prior to this announcement, including Mission Zero, and the Wounded Warrior Abilities Ranch.  This venture is on strategy with Trulieve’s existing marketing strategy, where its focus is to educate and develop relationships with patients, physicians and prospective clients.

Trulieve maintains a dedicated team that educates numerous registered medical cannabis physicians on a personal level about cannabinoid science, the company’s product standards and its benefits. At its call center the company also has a dedicated immediate phone support service for physicians too.

Through this important relationship the company is able to attract more registered patients to their services. Trulieve is also involved in various patient outreach programs as well, including community events that help grow its patient count, and establishing connections with prospective clients.

Trulieve’s strategic vision has set the company apart from competitors, the company’s share price performance versus cannabis ETFs clearly illustrates this fact.

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