Supreme’s Chief Advocacy Officer and Founder John Fowler Departs

The Supreme Cannabis Company announced today that John Fowler, one of the original founders and Chief Advocacy Officer, is departing from the company.

It’s hard to overstate Fowler’s impact as a cannabis legalization advocate, as well as his role in building one of the top cannabis flower brands in 7ACRES. He played an integral part in building a company that exemplifies what cannabis companies should strive for — respecting the plant and the people.

While he will surely be missed by the Supreme team, it sounds like things ended amicably.

Although the market has reacted negatively to the news, with Supreme’s stock down 14% as of this writing, we believe this is an overreaction.

Supreme’s CEO, Navdeep Dhaliwal, has been with the company since September 2018. In that time, he has worked closely with Fowler to help build 7ACRES into a brand known for its premium flower products. The rest of the management team similarly remains intact.

In hindsight, his departure could have been predicted — this was likely a transition Supreme and Fowler managed appropriately over time.

In September of 2018, he moved from CEO to President. Then, in July of 2019, he resigned from the board and took a role in Supreme’s senior management team as Chief Advocacy Officer. Finally, in early October of 2019, Mr. Fowler sold a portion of his shares and options in the company.

While the exact reasoning behind his departure is unclear, we’d be surprised if he didn’t continue being a strong advocate for the cannabis industry.

For Supreme, the Fowler’s departure doesn’t fundamentally change their business operations. The growing practices at 7ACRES and their “no head grower” ideology will continue, their genetic bank will remain the same, and the organization will continue to operate with the same passion for the plant.

We have seen the corporate culture first hand and believe Fowler has helped build a strong foundation for Supreme that will allow it to thrive beyond his time at the company.

Similar to Dhaliwal’s statement, we’re incredibly grateful for the contributions Fowler has made to the cannabis industry and are excited to see what endeavours he pursues next.


The Supreme Cannabis Co. is a Market Awareness client of Capital 10X.

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Supreme was a market awareness client of Capital 10X.

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