Supreme Positioning to Own High-End Cannabis

Supreme Cannabis [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" color="default" assets="FIRE.TO" markup="(TSX: {symbol} {currency_symbol}{price} ({change_pct}))" api="yf"] provided investors with an update on a number of different business initiatives. As we highlighted in our recap of recent Supreme Cannabis developments, just because the markets are down doesn’t mean LPs aren’t growing their businesses.

Based on the recent updates, Supreme is zeroed in on building out a foundation for long-term success.

Supreme Cannabis Kitchener

Supreme announced they have leased a 107,000 square foot facility in Kitchener, Ontario for the manufacturing, processing, and packaging of cannabis products.

This facility will serve internal and market demands, where Supreme intends to use the facility to package, distribute and brand third-party cannabis inputs from trusted (quality) producers.

This may go hand in hand with their Cambium Plant Sciences subsidiary, which is dedicated to developing next-gen plant genetics and cultivation IP to supply the global cannabis industry.

Effectively, this would allow them to outsource the growing (the lowest-margin aspect), and control all other factors that go into a high-quality product. This would also allow them to capture the most value from their IP and brand.

While the facility will be fully retrofitted in three phases, Supreme has already completed the first and submitted an application to Health Canada for a processing license. They expect to begin whole-flower packaging and pre-roll manufacturing in Q4 FY2020.

Along with this announcement they welcomed Sandor Wolkensperg as General Manager of the facility. He has 30+ years of experience in operations, starting-up and running manufacturing facilities in the food, tobacco, and commercial packaging spaces.

Updates: Blissco + Truverra + Cambium

They expect the PAX Era vaporizer pods to be available by the end of Q3 FY2020.

Under John Griese, COO of Supreme Cannabis, the company continues to build out its facilities responsibly. They are focused on quality over speed and are taking a phased approach to better leverage their assets.

Right now they are bringing their Blissco and Truverra facilities to a pharmaceutical manufacturing standard to meet GMP standards and create international revenue opportunities.


Their Blissco facility received a license amendment to allow for the sale of cannabis 2.0 products and can now also complete ethanol-based extraction along with CO2.

In addition to producing full-spectrum oil for its Blissco brand, this facility will process products for 7ACRES’ vaporizer partnership with Pax Labs. They expect the PAX Era vaporizer pods to be available by the end of Q3 FY2020.


The Truverra acquisition closed in Q1 FY2020. This facility will be used for R&D to test new products and medicinal IP and received its processing license in November.

Supreme intends to scale Truverra’s concentrate manufacturing capabilities to be able to produce small-batch, limited run, 7ACRES branded products to the market by Q4 FY2020.

Cambium Plant Sciences

Lastly, Supreme has announced they will continue to operate Cambium out of the 7ACRES facility. This will save on CapEx to complete a new facility for Cambium.

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