Pot Stocks 10X Episode 2 – Fakes and Snakes

Thomas George and Johnny Mastromattei talk shop and trading pot stocks in the latest edition of Pot Stocks 10X Episode 2 – Fakes and Snakes!

Pot Stocks are Related to the Market

The market continues to face strong resistance at 2,800 for the S&P 500, it certainly feels like it’s setting up for a near-term rollover. Cannabis investors should be very mindful, bullish sentiment has been bubbling on all fronts. Thomas and Johnny recommend investors peel back the expensive pot stocks in their portfolio, maintain positions in the value names and keep some dry powder (cash) for market pullbacks.

S&P 500 Index

S-P 500 - Mar 2019
Source: Yahoo Finance

Jefferies Pot Stock Initiation Report

The boys roast investment bank Jefferies for blatantly ripping off the original Grizzle cannabis comparative valuation graph format in their recent initiation on the sector. This is exactly what Wall Street has become, fake unoriginal analysts typing 250 pages of drivel hoping/praying for some banking fees to be thrown their way.

Grizzle vs. Jefferies

Grizzle vs Jefferies v2

Wall of Shame – Wayland Group

Wayland Group [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" color="default" assets="WAYL.CN" markup="(CSE: {symbol} {currency_symbol}{price} ({change_pct}))" api="yf"] takes a special spot on the wall of shame this week. Their CEO Ben Ward has a murky history and a propensity to release press releases with grand ambition. The company has a grossly bloated expense line that enriches management and leaves shareholders with very little.  Two members of their board of directors have recently resigned as the company enters full-on dumpster fire mode.

Wayland Group Share Price

Wayland Group - Mar 2019 v2
Source: Investing.com
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