Mobalytics Serving as Data Partner for Honda Scouting Grounds

League Of Legends analytics startup Mobalytics today announced a partnership with Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (NYSE: HMC) and developer Riot Games, which is owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings (OTCMKTS: TCEHY).

Through the partnership, Mobalytics will serve as data partner for the 2019 Honda Scouting Grounds event running from today through Nov. 16.

During the League Championship Series (LCS) Scouting Grounds event, existing pro teams will scour data on up and coming League Of Legends players to find new talent to add to their rosters.

Using the Mobalytics Gamer Performance Index tool, data will be freely available online for anyone to view a deep dive on various player metrics.

Those metrics include the standard player data such as overall win rate, kills, deaths, and assists, and the creep score per minute analysis used by many teams.

They also notably feature several non-standard metrics to gauge a player’s strengths and weaknesses while building a cohesive team. Those non-traditional metrics include total amount of match time spent in enemy territory, overall duel win rates, and the percentage of time dying alone without nearby team mates.

Discussing the ongoing data event, Mobalytics co-founder Dr. Amine Issa commented:

Over the past few years, we have worked closely with several LCS teams to help them assemble their rosters and prepare them for matches with scouting reports using our analytics. We’re looking forward to working with Riot Games and Honda to discover and develop the next wave of NA talent.

While the player metric data is specifically aimed at pro teams changing their lineups, amateur players can also access the rankings to see how they stack up and find info on changing their own strategies.

The League Of Legends 2019 World Championship just wrapped up earlier this week in Paris, with Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix beating out European rival G2 Esports in a 3 – 0 match and taking home $2.5 million in prizes.

Following that lineup, championship play is set to resume in January of 2020. Next year’s finals will take place at Shanghai Stadium in China. That location had previously hosted the 2017 semifinals and is expected to see full capacity of its 55,000 seating in late 2020.

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