Mindset Pharma Discusses their Latest Psilocybin Based Drug Compound

We sat down with James Lanthier, CEO and Joseph Araujo Chief Scientific Officer of Mindset Pharma to discuss their latest breakthrough drug – a psilocybin-based compound about to enter the final preclinical development step prior to commencing first-in-human clinical trials.

Mindset has selected its lead clinical candidate, MSP-1014, a differentiated psilocybin-based compound from its Family 1 of novel, patent-pending psychedelic compounds to move forward into current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) compliant manufacturing and investigational new drug (IND)-enabling studies. They have found that their psilocybin analog more affective at eliciting a response to the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor in animal models, and also shows improved safety profiles. So, they believe that when this drug is introduced to clinics it will have the same level of effectiveness as psilocybin but at a much lower dose – improving safety margins and make it useable by a larger patient population.

A major innovation in the manufacturing process of MSP-1014 omits the phosphorylation step, one of the most challenging chemical synthesis steps with manufacturing psilocybin (a clear production advantage).  Moving forward into current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) compliant manufacturing will ensure that MSP-1014 manufacturing is a scalable, multi-kilogram process; resulting in a highly pure, reproduceable active pharmaceutical which will then become a drug product.

Mindset Pharma is a drug discovery business focused on creating novel and patentable psychedelic compounds for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.  The company is assembling a proprietary library of transformative psychedelic intellectual property designed to address chronic neuropsychiatric disorders efficiently and safely.

The company was one of the first companies to start developing and filing IP applications and patent on 2nd and 3rd generational drugs.  They have recently gone to proving the efficacy of these drugs through selected specialized animal testing and are looking forward to moving forward to human clinic trials in Q2 2022.


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