Iron Mike Tyson Joins QuestCap as a Special Advisor & Implements Safe Protocols for Training Camp

Mike Tyson, a global sports and boxing icon, has joined QuestCap (CSE:QSC) in the role of Special Advisor. He joins QuestCap’s team of global experts to provide strategic advice on industries impacted by COVID-19.

Tyson Implements The Standard for Safe SportTM for his Training Camp

The former heavyweight boxing champion is back; at the age of 53 Iron Mike is training again and mounting a fierce comeback to the ring.

In May of this year he released a training video that showed off his trademark power and agility, it’s clear he’s not messing around when he says “I’m back”.

Mr. Tyson is taking the risk of COVID-19 very seriously as it relates to himself, trainers, staff and volunteers at his training camp, he stated the following:

“I Believe Following a guideline to Safely and wisely (Train) is Paramount. It gives myself and my family the confidence to work with no doubt that we are investing with our eyes wide open and not simply rolling the dice and gambling with our well-being”

The training camp will implement The Standard for Safe SportTM, a standard for safe practices and protocols developed by Glenco Medical (QuestCap owns a 30% interest). The “Standard” establishes protocols to safely return sports players, businesspeople, students, performers and shoppers to their respective professions.

The Standard was designed by Dr. Glenn Copeland (CEO of Glenco Medical & Chairman of MedQuestโ€™s Medical Advisory Committee), it comprises of medical screening protocols for individual health safety, the screening incorporates temperate and symptom checks in addition to serology testing for COVID-19 antibodies.

Tyson will Bring a Big Spotlight to COVID-19 and Professional Sports

COVID-19 has put a halt to nearly all public events, sports fans in particular have been eagerly awaiting the return of professional sports.

Globally, sports leagues are looking to restart games even without fans in the stadiums โ€“ however there must be protocols in place to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus during play.

Having a global icon of Mike Tyson’s caliber champion safe COVID-19 practices and protocols will bring significant attention to the safe return of sports.

Mr. Doug Sommervillle, the CEO of QuestCap stated the following:

“As we continue to invest in CRITICAL research and the development of important health safety standards, we are PARTICULARLY excited to work with Mr. Tyson given his global presence, influence and insight on the matter of restoring sport and competition”

Once a particular protocol is established and entrenched in a particular sport, other sports leagues will seek to piggyback on the success of a well functioning screening system to keep their players safe.


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