Logitech G eRacing Grand Finals To Take Place In Vegas Next Month

With 2019 rapidly coming to a close, a host of finals for various eSports events are now hitting the calendars. The latest to be announced today is the Logitech G Challenge Grand Finals, which will take place in conjunction with the McLaren Shadow Project next month. 

Logitech G is the PC gaming spinoff of hardware giant Logitech [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" color="default" assets="LOGI" markup="(NASDAQ: {symbol} {currency_symbol}{price} ({change_pct}))" api="yf"], focusing on peripherals like racing wheels, flight sticks, and multiplayer gaming headsets. 

The G Challenge Grand Finals are set to occur in Las Vegas on Nov. 16, with the event streaming live through Twitch for gamers who can’t attend in person. 

U.S. qualifiers for the event wrapped up last month, while the Italy, Benelux, and U.K. wildcard qualifiers are still ongoing, seeing a combined 11,000 racers competing so far for a shot at the grand finals. 

Eight competitors from four regional areas will compete in the finals, with the 1st place champion earning a spot on the McLaren Shadow eSports team. 

Discussing the upcoming festivities, Gaming Simulation General Manager Vincent Borel had this to say: 

Logitech G has more than 20 years of passion, dedication and commitment to eracing under its belt and this year we’re upping the ante. We’ve found the best racers around the world and are bringing them to Vegas to get behind the wheel of a virtual race car and compete for the ultimate prize. This is going to be extremely competitive and very entertaining.

Racing games are edging in on competitive eSports events, which have been dominated by shooters and strategy titles in previous years, as companies like Millennial Esports snap up online racing resources and the World’s Fastest Gamer events continue with new celebrity judges. 

In other Logitech news, the company just released a new line of mice and keyboards specifically aimed at Chromebooks and other devices running the Chrome OS. Both the K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and the M355 Portable Wireless Mouse are now up for sale via online outlets. 

Logitech is additionally preparing to release quarterly financial results on Oct. 21, to be followed by a teleconference and live webcast to discuss the latest earnings figures with investors.  

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