Largo Initiates Strategic Review to Maximize the Value of Largo Clean Energy

Largo Inc. (TSX: LGO) (NASDAQ: LGO) announced that its Board of Directors (the “Board”) has initiated a review and evaluation of strategic alternatives with the intent to unlock and fully maximize the value of Largo Clean Energy Corp. (“LCE”).

The comprehensive review and evaluation process will include consideration of a full range of strategic, business, and financial alternatives, including, but not limited to, evaluating and completing financing transactions at the LCE subsidiary level, mergers and acquisitions of LCE with other battery companies and partnership opportunities with well-established energy system producers who are interested in entering the vanadium battery sector with the unique elements that Largo offers to this industry.

Daniel Tellechea, Interim CEO and Director of Largo commented: “

Largo is commencing a comprehensive and thorough review of strategic alternatives to accelerate and enhance the distinctive value proposition LCE presents for vanadium batteries and the long duration energy storage sector. We believe several strategic opportunities exist in the market today that would benefit from LCE’s unique characteristics, and a formal process for comparing these alternatives is expected to deliver maximum value for all shareholders in a timely manner. These characteristics include: i) LCE’s access to the innovative Largo Physical Vanadium Corp. (“LPV”) (TSXV:VAND, OTCQX:VANAF) structure, which is expected to significantly reduce vanadium battery costs for customers, ii) LCE’s U.S.-based manufacturing capabilities, which may be eligible for significant fiscal incentives, grants and benefits, and iii) LCE’s patented vanadium flow battery stack technology and electrolyte purification technology.Daniel Tellechea, CEO, Largo Inc.

He continued: “We believe the strategic review process announced today could also accelerate the prospects for deployment of vanadium units owned by LPV in batteries, which we consider provides a major improvement in the cost-competitiveness of LCE against other battery technologies and other vanadium flow battery competitors. With the start of this process underway, the Company also remains committed to delivering on its set targets for the year in a safe and responsible manner.”

There can be no assurance that this process will result in any specific strategic plan or financial transaction and the Company does not plan to provide updates on the status of the review unless there are material developments to report.

Gallatin Capital LLC (“Gallatin”) is advising on securities transactions and Castle Grove Capital, LLC (“Castle Grove Capital”) is providing consulting services in support of the strategic review and evaluation process. Inquiries regarding the process may be directed to Myron Manternach, a registered representative of Gallatin and the President of Castle Grove Capital.


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