Benzinga Interview with Calvin Johnson Co-Founder of Primitive

Evan Veryard interviews Calvin Johnson, Co-Founder of Primitive and former NFL wide receiver, discussing their fully integrated medical marijuana operations.


Capital 10X: Calvin please tell me a little bit about Primitive?

Calvin Johnson: We’re based out of Michigan and as you know Michigan is a driving market right now. If you don’t know, we have the second most medicinal card holders behind California so it’s going to be a huge market especially that it went legal last November. About our Primitive, we’re a trustworthy, consistent company built by Rob Sims and myself from the ground up.

We just want to take that same drive and determination on the field for nine years before careers and we’re putting that determination into our culture and our company. We’ve been fortunate to have some expertise and different facets of the company and on top of that the big thing about us and the driving landscape of Michigan is we’re a vertically integrated company. So like I say it’s a great time to be in Michigan. We’re having fun right now

Capital 10X: I asked Rob his personal reasons for getting involved with Primitive and in the cannabis space because I think you know if you’re personally involved in an industry and you believe in it for other reasons than just making money you’re gonna create a better product and you’re gonna have a better business. So could you tell me a little bit about why you got involved?

Calvin Johnson: I think for me it just comes from experiences. You know I played in the NFL for nine years and had my fair share of injuries and I’ve had surgeries, but during that time, any time you experience any kind of traumatic experience whether it’s swelling or pain they give you opioids; they gave me opioids.

I always took a holistic approach when I approached my career. I always wanted to put the most organic things in my body. I went to the extent of having a holistic doctor and there wasn’t any cannabis consumption because that was against league rules but I can say that post-career I was able to use a CBD topical. I was on the show Dancing with the Stars.

Anytime I do anything I have chronic swelling in my ankles, any kind of thing I do athletic so I have to had to find a way to maintain that I wouldn’t be able to stay on that show because the pain and swelling they created the pain and I used the TCB topical that a good friend gave me and like I say no THC just straight up CBD and I was amazed at how it relieves the swelling, in turn relieving the pain and after that I was a true believer and I knew what marijuana was before but after all you know experience and that myself I knew that this can help my community in more ways than one.

Capital 10X: So you talk about the product a lot and so what’s gonna make Primitive a quality product or what’s gonna help you guys stand out?

Calvin Johnson: I think what’s going to help us stand out is that saying like I talked about earlier that drive and determination, that trustworthiness, that consistency, that ability to collect data, analyze data.

I think that if you look back from playing football and understanding how to put together a good team it takes good players that have a desire to hone their craft and we’re putting together those same players on our team that want to have a desire to strive for perfection. You know that there’s never a dull moment they’re always trying to perfect their product so in this case like I said we’ve had the ability to put those players on the team and I can’t wait to see us grow.

Capital 10X: So speaking of growing what are the plans beyond what you’re currently working on? Are you’re going to different states, are you gonna try and expand in Michigan further what does that look like?

Calvin Johnson: we’re gonna have a big rollout here’s coming up shortly I’ll have to say maybe in the next couple months. We’re fortunate to be here today to be able to put our brand out there Primitive and let everybody know what we’re about and where we are and what we’re doing.

Capital 10X: It’s a fantastic story and I think you know when people appreciate where the founders are coming from it makes a much more enjoyable product.

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