Interview with Bee Vectoring Technology (BEE) CEO Ashish Malik

After previously reviewing the company’s standing in advance of their conference call, Capital 10X spoke with Bee Vectoring Technologies CEO Ashish Malik to discuss their positioning for the 2020 growing season.

This season represents the start of the company’s first commercial sales of its award-winning patented technology. We discuss what investors can expect in terms of revenue per acre, economics, and the total targeted market.

After recently closing two separate $1 million financings and announcing multiple commercial sales agreements – this story continues to be intriguing.

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Evan Veryard
Evan Veryard has a Bachelor's of Chemical Engineering from McGill University and a MaSc. of Chemical Engineering from RMC. He has over 6 years of research experience focusing on industrial materials. Address: 682 Indian Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 2C9. Phone: 416-721-8257.

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