Initiation on the Organic Cannabis Market: TGOD, ROMJ, NRTH

Executive Summary

  • The global market for organic products is currently worth $160 billion and is forecast to grow to $323 billion by 2024, a 15% annual growth rate. Organic sales have been strong for decades, growing at 12% a year since 2000.
  • In the near term we estimate the Canadian cannabis market is worth $5 billion and organic demand will ultimately make up 20% of the market creating a $1 billion revenue opportunity. This would equal the medium-term demand potential of $8.5 billion for organic cannabis.
  • By 2020 there will only be four certified organic producers operating globally and their supply will struggle to keep up with rapidly growing demand.
The Organic Opportunity
We estimate the three publicly traded organic cannabis stocks will offer 310% upside on average with a range of 267% for 48 North and up to 377% for The Green Organic Dutchman. All three stocks trade at deep discounts to the cannabis group average, even though organic supply and demand trends are much more favourable.


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