Havn Life Successfully Exports Psilocybin from its Jamaica Facility into Canada

HAVN Life Sciences (CSE: HAVN) (OTC: HAVLF) is pleased to announce it has successfully exported naturally derived psilocybin from its facility in Jamaica.  The importation of psilocybin into Canada was completed after HAVN went into a supply agreement with Nectar Health Sciences Laboratory Division Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Psilobrain Therapeutics Inc.

Nectar Health Sciences has a Controlled Substance Dealer’s License for the relevant psychedelics compounds issued by Health Canada.  Under that license, Nectar was granted an import permit, pursant to the provisions of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the Food and Drugs Regulations.

“This partnership is a huge win for us as we look to secure additional supply agreements with Canadian companies, now that the integrity of our supply chain form Jamaica has been demonstrated,” said HAVN Life CEO, Tim Moore.

“As the research and drug development work on psilocybin moves forward, HAVN Life continues to position itself a a supply chain leader, able to meet the demand for naturally derived psilocybin,” he adds.

The agreement with Nectar Health Sciences validates HAVN Lifes’s supply chain business model of providing psilocybin for clinical use and research adding to its previously announced supply partnerships this year with Mycrodose Therapeutics, Allied Health, Revive Therapeutics etc.

In a previous article, we covered HAVN’s foray into international markets in New Zeland, Australia and China.  This agreement is definitely a boost to and strengthens the potential distribution path for future functional mushroom and natural extract products.

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