Cannabis World Tour: Flora Growth Expands into the U.K and Central America

Flora Growth’s Mambe, Mind Naturals and Almost Virgin Brands Fulfill Orders In New Markets

Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC) an all-outdoor cultivator and manufacturer of cannabis-derived products and brands, announced it has expanded into the UK and Costa Rica.  Flora has fulfilled initial orders from two new distributors via its Kasa Wholefoods division.  An initial shipment of Mambe juices has gone to a distributor for the Central American food and beverage market, whilst an initial shipment of Almost Virgin, Mind Naturals and Mambe products was fulfilled to the UK.

UK Growth

The order of Flora’s brands to the UK is a significant milestone for the company as it is its first shipment of CBD products into Europe.  In the near future Flora plans to expand its activity in the UK and bring its diverse portfolio of products into adjacent markets via the European Union.

Central American Growth

Kasa Wholefoods has recently signed a distribution agreement with GMD Latin America, a Costa Rica-based distributor for the Central American food and beverage market.  Exports will begin in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.  Kasa is also planning to register additional product lines for the Caribbean markets.

“Flora Growth’s expansion into the UK Central America aligns perfectly with our strategy of aggressive expansion into new markets, as we continued to establish our premium brands’ international presence,” said Flora CEO Luis Merchan.  “We look forward to working with our new distribution partners in both Europe and Central America and hope to expand even further into both continents in the coming months.”

Flora Growth’s Product Portfolio

Mind Naturals is a brand from the Flora Beauty division, that uses premium CBD and quality ingredients to craft 11 unique products; sold across e-commerce channels to Columbia and the US.  These products are also being distributed with the largest Latin American retailer – Falabella, across retail centers in Colombia, with the opportunity to expand across Falabella’s 111 stores.

Mambe is the main brand behind Flora’s Kasa Wholefoods division.  Mambe has over 980 distribution points within Colombia, which are expected to grow 1,200+ in 2021.  This includes Tostao’ Cafe & Pan (the Columbian equivalent of Starbucks – Mambe’s largest customer).

Mambe’s products include exotic fruits coated with chocolate, chocolate bars, and dried fruits an fruit pulp from the Amazon.  The brand contains both CBD and non-CBD products.

Almost Virgin is the second brand under Flora’s Kasa Wholefoods division.  Their collection of botanical sexual wellness is designed to enhance sexual experience while helping relieve stress from today’s fast-paced and demanding life.  The Almost Virgin brand is sold through e-commerce channels across the US and Colombia.

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