Braxia Scientific Launches KetaMD in Florida

Braxia Scientific Corp (CSE: BRAX) (OTC: BRAXF) announced that it has successfully launched KetaMD in Florida.  KetaMD onboarded new patients and completed initial ketamine treatments.  Eligible patients, as determined by one of KetaMD’s licensed Florida healthcare practitioners, received medically supervised treatments, guided virtually by registered nurses with mental health expertise while in the comfort of their home.

In multiple studies, ketamine has also been shown to have rapid and persistent benefits for acute care in suicidal patients who often suffer from mental health challenges.  As National Suicide Awareness month kicks off, KetaMD has ramped up operations and session availability to provide additional support to Florida residents in need of treatment.

Dr. Roger McIntyre commented:

“We are incredibly proud to have treated our first patients in the U.S. through our KetaMD platform. KetaMD solves considerable issues by increasing access to innovative ketamine treatments for patients suffering from mental health disorders who don’t live close to a care provider, have difficulty accessing care, or are unable to go to the doctor because of circumstances like COVID-19.”

Warren Gumpel CEO of KetaMD commented:

“We started building the model for KetaMD more than five years ago with the goal of deploying the latest technology to improve people’s lives and to empower those living with depression and other mental health conditions to take steps necessary to seek and receive safe, high quality, affordable, reliable care. We are working on scaling KetaMD beyond Florida across the U.S. opening up the opportunity for people to receive care anytime, from the comfort of their own homes.”


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