Blue Announces Yeti X Microphone Launch

With an estimated 740 million additional hours of live game streaming and eSports viewing taking place over the last year across major platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, content creators are on the hunt for new tech to utilize in their videos. 

This week Blue Microphones — a subsidiary of global Swiss hardware company Logitech [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" color="default" assets="LOGI" markup="(NASDAQ: {symbol} {currency_symbol}{price} ({change_pct}))" api="yf"] — announced the launch of the Yeti X USB microphone aimed specifically at YouTube content creators, Twitch streamers, and eSports commentators. 

The Yeti X will become available via both brick-and-mortar retailers and online outlets in mid-October at a price of $169.99. 

Aside from the traditional omnidirectional sound pickup and noise reduction features, this new model utilizes a built-in hardware option allowing users to adjust or monitor voice levels in real-time, rather than modifying them after the fact through software solutions. 

An updated 11 light side LED function was also implemented to let streamers view volume levels at a glance without having to check a program interface.  

That change will be particularly useful for podcasters or streamers covering live eSports events or streaming game coverage that won’t be edited before posting online. 

Discussing the upcoming microphone release and its new features, Blue Chief Executive Officer John Maier commented: 

We created Yeti X based on feedback from content creators all over the world, who need fast and easy-to-use tools that help them sound their very best. Yeti X with Blue VO!CE gives creators the ability to quickly and easily customize their sound using high-quality effects and presets.

With large-scale game launches arriving at a steady pace as the year comes to an end, content streaming is expected to see another bump in Q4. Events such as the recent Gears 5 kick off party have already dominated streams, as well coverage on the new Madden NFL 20 five-minute mode and the upcoming NBA 2K20 Championships. 

This latest microphone from Logitech follows the announcement of the G604 Lightspeed wireless mouse being released in celebration of the return of WoW Classic. The 15 button mouse is due to drop this fall at an estimated price of $99.99 and features a 5.5 month battery life.  

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