Benzinga Miami – Marijuana Investing Heats Up

To kick-off the new year, Benzinga is hosting its Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami, Florida. Given how red hot the Florida marijuana market has been, this seems like a great choice.

If you can’t make it, once again Capital 10X will be interviewing marijuana companies to help connect investors with their stories. If there are specific companies you would like us to connect with, please reach out on Twitter or send an email to

If you’re planning on attending, please come up and say hello. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, you can use the discount “10X” for 30% off your ticket price.

If you’re on the fence about attending, here are three reasons you should consider making the trip to Miami.

1. Meet the Management Teams

While the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is the largest investor-focused conference in the industry, it is still a very intimate event. There are ample opportunities to connect with companies, whether through company booths or stopping and talking to management in the hallway.

This is incredibly important. When you invest in a company, you’re really buying into a team that makes decisions on how to operate in a dynamic market. Investors can do little to control government regulation, product pricing, or change consumption trends.

All you can do is choose to put your capital behind a management team that you think can make smart, strategic decisions and adapt to the challenges presented by a rapidly growing industry.

The best way to assess a management team is by connecting with them directly. This conference provides that opportunity.

2. Meet Other Investors

Along similar lines as Reason #1, the ability to connect directly with other investors in the space is also very valuable.

The conference allows you to share ideas, have thoughtful discussions, and hopefully learn a thing or two. Further, it allows you to network with other industry professionals. While Twitter is great for discussions, nothing beats connecting with other people face to face.

In the game of Potstocks investing, if you’re not constantly looking for new ideas and more information, you’re leaving yourself at a disadvantage.

3. Miami

This reason is not investing related, but still very true – Winter sucks. Unless you’re skiing somewhere, the short days and long cold nights of February are not enjoyable.

This conference provides the opportunity to spend some time somewhere warm and sunny and you should take advantage. Most industry professionals don’t get the opportunities to travel to cities like Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Toronto – you should take advantage while you can.

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