Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference – Round 2 in the Windy City


Earlier this year Capital 10X partnered with Benzinga for their Toronto Cannabis Capital Conference. The result was a series of management interviews with companies like Trulieve, Curaleaf, Vireo, TILT, and GTEC among others.

The event was an excellent opportunity to connect directly with companies to learn more about their operations, as well as network within the cannabis investing community.

With the Chicago conference starting a week from today, we’re gearing up for an exciting round 2. Once again we will be setting up an interview booth to help connect cannabis companies with retail investors — stay tuned for more videos.

For any investors interested in learning more, you can go to Benzinga’s website or email As a partner we’re able to offer our followers a 50% discount to attend the conference — just use the promo code CAPITAL10X.

Below are the three aspects of the conference that excite us most for Round 2 in the Windy City.

1) A U.S. Perspective on Growth and Legalization

One of the most intriguing discussions is around cannabis policy development in the U.S. Illinois state representative, Kelly Cassidy, and Assistant Counsel to Governor Cuomo, Axel Bernabe, will participate in a moderated discussion on current regulations and how they affect both companies and consumers.

Obviously federal legalization is the biggest catalyst on the horizon for the cannabis industry. While no one can predict when federal legalization will occur, hearing directly from U.S. policymakers is far more valuable than what your average armchair analyst is saying.

Whether they provide their own estimated timelines or highlight some key markers to look out for, this will be a well-attended panel discussion.

2) More Connections With U.S. and Canadian Companies

While there is a lot that can be gleaned from corporate Powerpoints and financial statements, the colour an investor can gather from management through presentations, interviews, and conversations can be just as valuable.

Unlike many of the trade show conferences like Grow Up or Lift & Co., Benzinga’s conference is capital focused. This means the company representatives are prepared to speak to investors and answer investing-related questions.

This provides investors an opportunity to better understand a company’s strategic direction and how well situated they are to execute. Last year, the Capital 10X team walked away impressed by some and questioning the capabilities of others. By speaking with companies in person, you can judge for yourself.

See here for a full list of attending companies.

3) Cannabis Community-Building

Last but not least is the opportunity to connect with other cannabis investors and strengthen the PotStocks community.

Earlier this year the Capital 10X team connected with many other PotStocks influencers, investors, and watchers. While that might seem like a terrible idea to some, people are often more polite and respectable in-person than they are behind a keyboard.

This provides an opportunity to have a discussion with someone new that isn’t limited to 280 characters and doesn’t devolve into name-calling. Investors can argue investing strategies, trade top picks, and even share a drink/joint (or two).

So, if you’re planning on attending please hit any of us up on Twitter or come by our interview booth to say hello.

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