AgraFlora Organics to Fund Nationwide Responsible Cannabis Consumption Campaign

AgraFlora Organics International Inc. [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" color="default" assets="AGRA.CN" markup="(CSE: {symbol} {currency_symbol}{price} ({change_pct}))" api="yf"] is launching a nationwide campaign designed to educate consumers on responsible cannabis consumption.

The bilingual campaign will coincide with the launch of four edible SKUs from its dedicated facility in Winnipeg. The first edibles, beverages and other concentrates will hit shelves in December as Canada opens up for Cannabis 2.0, and AgraFlora is keen to position itself as a responsible producer.

Its educational campaign will take in TV, radio and online video ads across Canada. It will inform consumers about safe storage, teach them how to understand the differences in onset times and effects, and highlight the dangers of mixing cannabis and alcohol consumption and driving while under the influence of cannabis.

AgraFlora also aims to market and distribute a patent-pending product called True Focus, which is designed to be a THC overdose antidote. It takes the form of a pocket-sized spray bottle, featuring nutraceutical formulations, coupled with an intuitive delivery system designed to mitigate the negative side effects associated with excessive THC consumption.

AgraFlora holds the exclusive Canadian True Focus sublicense and its formulations are currently patent pending by way of a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent application.

The firm has a 51,500 sq. ft. GMP-certified edibles facility in Winnipeg. It is poised to launch four cannabinoid-infused gummy SKUs: Rojo, which is strawberry-flavoured and pectin-based; Naranja, tangerine-flavoured and gelatine-based; Azul, raspberry-flavoured and gelatine-based; and Verde, green apple-flavoured and pectin-based.

“We are of the opinion that AgraFlora’s initial cannabinoid-infused gummy SKUs will achieve the industry’s lowest COGS [cost of good sold], resulting from a fully automated cooking, depositing and packaging production line, capable of producing 180,000 individually wrapped pieced per shift,” said chairman and chief executive Brandon Boddy.

He noted that rivals have focused on a large suite of SKUs, but it has decided to focus on a streamlined range based on a “more focused” approach to new product development. He added that the four SKUs are all formulated, developed, and packaged to meet Health Canada regulatory requirements.

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