About Us

    Capital 10X looks to highlight attractive investment opportunities in high growth stocks, and is a platform that seeks to deliver actionable insights for traders and investors in the marijuana, metals and technology markets. Our core mission is to hunt for stocks and trades with big upside.

    Investors can count on Capital 10X to provide high-quality analysis of company earnings results, engaging management interviews, and actionable trading insights. We want Capital 10X to be a valuable investing resource, an educational portal to help investors understand the fundamentals of financial analysis and options trading.

    Readers should always assume that Capital 10X has positions in the trades and companies we write about, we are investors first and foremost. Additionally, Capital 10X does provide consulting services to companies we believe have strong investment merit -in such instances, it is clearly disclosed in every article and video.

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    9 a.m. – 5 p.m. : Monday to Friday