1933 Industries adds Premium Flower to the Roster in Nevada

1933 Industries (CSE:TGIF, OTCQX:TGIFF) has announced the addition of premium smokable flower and pre-roll joints to it’s portfolio of consumer-focused cannabis brands.

Over the last two years 1933 Industries has focused solely on the sale of wholesale cannabis concentrates, a category that represents less than 25% of the total revenue in Nevada.  The addition of flower to it’s roster now addresses a market representing over 50% of Nevada market – a meaningful opportunity.

The company has built a leading-edge indoor grow facility that has already been growing premium craft cannabis for the last two years.  1933 has introduced 8 high THC, high terpene content cultivars to its craft growing portfolio; these unique cultivars will be marketed under the AMA brand.

Nevada Cannabis Sales Post Strong Rebound

Nevada dispensaries resumed in-store sales in Nevada during the month of May, and recorded a 52% increase in sales compared to the previous month, when brick and mortar stores operated via home delivery and curbside pickup only.

According to BDS Analytics, sales reached $58.2 million in May, slightly down by 6% compared to May 2019 but remaining strong as year-to-date sales reached $273.2 million.

“What this data tells us is that the Nevada cannabis market has weathered the Covid-19 pandemic well and that the market for cannabis flower is thriving,” said Mr. Eugene Ruiz, President of 1933 Industries.


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