1933 Teams up with Tony Hawk to Target Pain Relief for the Sports Market

1933 Industries [stock_market_widget type="inline" template="generic" color="default" assets="TGIF" markup="(CSE: {symbol} {currency_symbol}{price} ({change_pct}))" api="yf"] is teaming up with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk to launch a range of co-branded CBD and hemp recovery products.

The Vancouver-based firm said the launch is targeting the “action sports vertical” after identifying this as an “under-served” section of the market. Hawk is no stranger to brutal wipeouts and skateboarders often find themselves in need of pain relief after sustaining all manner of battle wounds.

Tony Hawk is arguably the most famous skateboarder of all time, immortalized in a series of cult video games, and he boasts more than 14 million social media followers.

CBD is one of the hottest wellness fads in the world right now and many people use it for pain relief, despite a lack of scientific evidence for its effectiveness in this department. 1933 Industries claims the action sports market is “quickly becoming a champion of the potential benefits of CBD” and it has landed a strong brand ambassador in Hawk.

He is arguably the most famous skateboarder of all time, immortalized in a series of cult video games, and he boasts more than 14 million social media followers. “We’re excited to be a part of this new movement that is becoming more recognized as a healthy alternative to recovering from the aches and pains that we regularly incur in the action sports world,” said Hawk.

House of Hawk

Earlier this month, 1933 Industries closed a definitive agreement to purchase the remaining 9% of Infused MFG LLC. This wholly-owned subsidiary has now tied up a two-year licensing agreement with Hawk’s firm, House of Hawk, for the range of products.

They will be sold under the Canna Hemp, Canna Hemp X and Birdhouse Skateboards brand names. Hawk has turned Birdhouse Skateboards into one of the world’s most famous skate brands by sponsoring a number of pros and amateurs across the globe. House of Hawk has around 650 stores worldwide, targeting millions of skateboarders, so there is a strong potential market there for this range of creams and lotions.

“From soothing pain, aiding with muscle spasms, healing assistance for bruises, injuries, or arthritis relief, Canna Hemp X bridges the gap between recovery and top performance,” promises the firm.

OG DNA Genetics Deal

1933 Industries has another subsidiary called Alternative Medicine Association, which produces cannabis in Nevada. This arm of the business has become the exclusive distributor of OG DNA Genetics’ award-winning range of products in the Silver State.

Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni set up DNA in Amsterdam 15 years ago and it has since built up a number of brands, including Crocket Family Farms and Reserva Privada. It has built up a business in California, but it is now targeting the Nevada market and AMA will provide it with cultivation space at its facility and also run turnkey marketing, promotion, and distribution services.

We believe that the partnership between a world-class leader in genetics and a top producer and operator will set the standard for the highest quality products available in the rapidly expanding Nevada market,” said Chris Rebentisch, USA chief operating officer at 1933 Industries and founder of Infused.

1933 Industries takes its name from the year in which the U.S. repealed the Prohibition on alcohol. This month the firm reported Q2 revenues for the three months to Jan. 31, 2019, highlighting a net loss of C$2.9 million.

Consolidated revenues stood at $3.7 million, up 54% on the same period in 2018, but down on the previous quarter. “Sales in Q2 were lower than in the previous quarter due to the performance of our AMA subsidiary, which experienced slower than expected sales due to challenges with yield and access to supply,” said Rebentisch. “We are seeing dramatic increases in yield and quality since appointing an experienced master grower.”

Shares in 1933 Industries increased to C$0.60 after its Q2 results were announced on Apr. 1, but had decreased to C$0.51 on Tuesday, Apr. 9.

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