1933 Industries – Business Continues Growing

Today 1933 Industries (CSE: TGIF) announced it has completed the second harvest from its Nevada cannabis cultivation facility. This signals that they have now moved into full production.

The timing of their production ramp couldn’t come at a better time with dispensaries across the U.S. and Canada seeing increased demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, this harvest will be used to serve their premium brands in AMA, Blonde, and Denver Dab Co. With over 15 strains being harvested, 1933 is well-positioned to meet consumer demands throughout Nevada.

With 1933’s focus on the premium segment of the marijuana market, plant genetics are of high importance. This is also why the company has chosen to partner with DNA Genetics to grow its award-winning strains, with the Jack Herer coming shortly.

“We have spent considerable time conducting genetics hunting and receiving valuable feedback from the market will be key when selecting the best strains to develop commercially.  We are known for producing some of the best concentrates in the market and we are working diligently, testing new strains and ensuring that we are harvesting every two to three weeks”, said Mr. Ryan George, Director of Cultivation at Alternative Medicine Association, the Company’s cultivation arm.

Along with genetics, 1933 Industries is working to time harvests from their Nevada facility to ensure quality and consistency for consumers. By having more frequent, smaller harvests, 1933 can better meet the dynamic demands of the market with a tightly controlled supply chain.

Earlier this month, 1933 Industries reassured investors that it was business as usual even with the COVID-19 pandemic, with the marijuana industry being deemed an essential service.

While the company ha sput in place the necessary measures to ensure employees remain healthy and products safe, they are still able to meet the wellness needs of patients and consumers in these challenging times.

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